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Avalon Vial
Type: Vial
Place of origin: Unknown
Appearances: The Eye of the Phoenix
The Coming of Arthur: Part Two
Water from the Lake of Avalon. I've kept it safe these years, waiting for the right person to claim it. And that is you. You are the one chosen.
The Fisher King to Merlin[src]
The Avalon Vial is a vial which contains water from the Lake of Avalon.


The Avalon Vial is the true prize of the Fisher King and he gave it to Merlin to use in Camelot's "darkest hour"(The Eye of the Phoenix).

Although he accidentally destroys it, Merlin discovers that the water allowed him to contact his deceased lover Freya (The Coming of Arthur).

Avalon vial freya

Freya in Avalon Vial


The Eye of the Phoenix
The Coming of Arthur: Part Two

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