Species information
Family Feline
Origin Magic
Appearances The Lady of the Lake
Known Individuals Freya

The writers of old called this creature a Bastet: a monster of nightmare that inhabits the twilight world between the living and the dead.
Gaius to Merlin[src]

A Bastet was a magical monster that resembled a large panther with bat-like wings. Sorcerers could curse unfortunate victims to become one on the stroke of midnight with an insatiable desire to kill that they would be unable to control.




Freya was an example of this. She was given this curse by the mother of a sorcerer she killed in self-defence. The woman cursed Freya so that she would be forced to become a Bastet as midnight fell and to remain a killer every night for the rest of her life. In the form of the Bastet, Freya is forced to abide by the creature's instinctive drive to hunt, resulting in Freya attacking several people at midnight in the Lower Town of Camelot. However, the girl version of Freya falls in love with a young warlock named Merlin. So, after attacking Arthur and his knights and killing the bounty hunter who captured her, a vile man named Halig, she is able to resist the curse after seeing her love, Merlin. However, during the battle between the knights and Freya's cursed form, Freya is fatally wounded. Merlin takes her to the Lake of Avalon to die in peace (The Lady of the Lake).


Series 2
The Lady of the Lake

Egyptian MythologyEdit

Bastet satute

Egyptian Goddess Bastet Statue

(Ubasti, Baset, and later Bastet) is an ancient solar and war goddess, worshiped at least since the Second Dynasty. In the late dynasties, the priests of Amun began to call her Bastet, a repetitive and diminutive form after her role in the pantheon became diminished as Sekhmet (Goddess of War and Vengeance), a similar lioness war deity, became more dominant in the unified culture of Lower and Upper Egypt. A Bastet In the Middle Kingdom, the cat appeared as Bastet’s sacred animal and after the New Kingdom she was depicted as a woman with a cat’s head carrying a sacred rattle and a box or basket.

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An illustration of a Bastet

An illustration of a Bastet


  • In the book trilogy 'The Kane Chronicles' the Kane children's guardian is the cat goddess known as Bast.