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Cal Macaninch
Cal MacAninch
Biographical information
Birth date

24 November 1969

Birth place

Govan, Glasgow, Scotland, UK





His/her attendance in Merlin series
Played role


First appearance

To Kill the King

Last appearance

To Kill the King

Appearances number


Serie(s) :



Cal MacAninch portrayed the character of Tauren in the episode To Kill the King in the BBC series Merlin.

He also appeared in police drama HolbyBlue on BBC 1 during 2007-8.

Macaninch went on to play Rowan Collins in Series 4 of the ITV drama series Wild at Heart. He returned to the show for its fifth series as a main cast member. Cal also starred in the 2001 BBC mini series "The Best of Both Worlds" with Alice Evans. He played a valet, Henry Lang, in the second series of Downton Abbey. Cal once lent his support as a volunteer on a Sense holiday, working with deafblind people.


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