Mercian ceremonial goblets
Type: Goblet
Place of origin: Mercia
Appearances: The Poisoned Chalice

The Ceremonial Goblets were chalices presented by the Lord of Mercia to any foreign royalty that hosts him.

When Lord Bayard travelled to Camelot to sign the Mercian Peace Accord, he presented Uther and Arthur Pendragon with a pair of ceremonial goblets. Bayard was unaware, however, that the goblet intended for Arthur had been replaced by one poisoned by Nimueh, posing as a handmaiden, with a petal of the Mortaeus flower. Nimueh's plot, meant to kill Arthur's manservant Merlin, nearly destroyed the peace treaty, as she deceived Merlin into accusing Bayard of attempting to assassinate Arthur (The Poisoned Chalice).

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