Chain Mail
Chain Mail
Type: Attire
Appearances: All episodes
Chain Mail is an attire that is regularly worn by knights or warriors for protection. It is made of small metal chains that are linked together to form a mesh.

Chain Mail is an effective defence from weapons such as a sword or penetration by a thrusting or piercing weapon.


  • Arthur, in Chain Mail
  • Merlin, in Chain Mail
  • The Knights, all in Chain Mail and capes
  • Knights in Chain Mail
  • Lancelot, in chainmail
  • Leon in Chain Mail
  • Percival, in chain mail
  • Elyan, in chainmail
  • The knights in chain mail
  • Gwaine and Percival
  • Uther in chain mail
  • All other knights wear Chain Mail
  • All other knights wear Chain Mail
  • All other knights wear Chain Mail
  • A guard in chainmail
  • Morgana in Chain Mail
  • Morgause, in chain mail
  • Merlin and Arthur in chain mail
  • Kings wear chain mail
  • Tauren, former enemy of Camelot, wears chain mail
  • Merlin, in Chain Mail
  • Leon in Chain Mail
  • Gwaine, in Chain Mail
  • Agravaine in Chain Mail
  • Arthur in chain mail
  • Percival in chainmail
  • Gwaine and Percival in Chainmail

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