Destiny is a foretold future by the Old Religion, known by select few throughout Albion.

Individuals with a foretold destiny:

  • Merlin: To aid King Arthur to unite the land of Albion and to become the greatest sorcerer to have ever walked on the earth. Also, to walk in Morgana's shadow. He is her destiny and doom. 
  • Morgana: To bring back the old ways.
  • Arthur: To unite the land of Albion and become the greatest king the world has ever known.
  • Mordred: To kill King Arthur.
  • Guinevere: To marry Arthur.
  • An alliance between Morgana and Mordred that will be Arthur's downfall.

Creatures capable of knowing one's destiny:

  • Kilgharrah has the ability to know someone's destiny and does his best to help Merlin fufill his. It is unknown if all dragons have this ability.
  • The Druids also have the ability to know ones destiny, namely Merlin's, who is called Emrys by them.
  • The Cailleach told Morgana about her and Emrys' future, which means that she too is aware of the mortals' destinies.
  • Nimueh told Arthur it was not his destiny to die by her hand, although she did not seem to know Merlin's destiny.
  • Taliesin said that he and Merlin were destined to meet, meaning that he is was also aware of the young warlock's, and possibly Arthur and Morgana's futures.
  • After Morgana caused Gwen's banishment from Camelot, Merlin said that she was destined to marry Arthur. However he is most likely not a creature that knows ones destiny, since he could not foresee Mordred and Morgana's future.


  • Nimueh attempted to have Arthur killed, despite not being his destiny to die by her hand (The Poisoned Chalice).
  • Kilgharrah attempted to prevent Merlin from helping Morgana because she would be dangerous in the future. However, his actions turned her against Camelot (The Nightmare Begins).
  • Taliesin showed Merlin the future in order to prevent Morgana from learning the truth and killing the king. However, he made the young warlock activate the future instead (The Crystal Cave).
  • Merlin is not known to be a seer or have any ability to know one's destiny. However he claimed that it was Arthur's destiny to marry Guinevere (The Hunter's Heart). However, he was able to see the future through the crystals in the crystal caves.

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