Merlin and Kilgharrah communicate with the dragon language.

Dragon Language is a language that the Dragons and Dragonlords understand. Wyverns also understand the language but are unable to speak it. The language is actually based on ancient Greek, a choice that was probably due to the fact that many of the early myths from ancient Greece involve huge winged beasts that spit fire and are dangerous to humans, like the Dragons.

Sorcerers and Creatures Known to Speak the LanguageEdit

Merlin, being a Dragonlord, has known how to speak in this language since commanding Kilgharrah for the first time (The Last Dragonlord). His father, Balinor, also spoke this language before Merlin, as did all the Dragonlords. It is unknown if Kilgharrah and Aithusa actually communicate in this language or if it is only a language that Dragonlords speak in order to command the Dragons. Interestingly though, the wise creatures can also speak English and Kilgharrah is seen communicating in this language with Merlin, Gaius and Lancelot. Although Wyverns understand the Dragon Language and, like the Dragons, obey commands spoken in it by a Dragonlord, the feral, animalistic nature of the Wyverns makes them unable to speak it or any other known language.


  • The Dragons can communicate both in their language and in English. However, they are forced to obey the Dragonlords when they command them in their language.
  • The Dragonlord language is in fact Ancient Greek.
  • Morgana, although not a Dragonlord, was able to communicate with Aithusa at the end of series 4.
  • Morgana has a deep bond with Aithusa because of her ability to communicate with Aithusa in English, Aithusa healing Morgana at the end of Series 4, and having both been held prisoner by the cruel Sarrum for two years in what appears to be the bottom of a well, 
  • Kilgharrah said "Aithusa" means the light of the sun in this language.

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