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Merlin commands Kilgharrah for the first time.

Dragons and Dragonlords can use a particular type of magic. It's likely that even this form of power comes from the Old Religion, but it's different from the magic used by most human sorcerers.

Dragons are probably the most powerful magical creatures of all, and have the greatest magical knowledge and ability. They can pass the extremely effective spells they know to humans with their mind. Kilgharrah showed Merlin two enchantments, one to trap Cornelius Sigan's soul back in his jewel (who was the most powerful sorcerer of the Old Religion ever to live prior to Merlin) (The Curse of Cornelius Sigan), and then a healing spell to cure Morgana of her fatal cranium wound (The Crystal Cave). Aithusa was also able to heal a dying Morgana, simply by breathing on her (The Sword in the Stone).

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Merlin can also command wyverns as a dragonlord.

Dragonlords have access to this form of magic when they inherit their fathers' powers. They can speak in the dragon tongue, and cast special spells in it. The known characteristics of dragonlords magic are:

  • The ability of speaking to any dragon in the language shared by their souls. The dragonlords can use this power to force tasks upon dragons, and command them to do whatever they want. Merlin tamed the Great Dragon with this spell, forcing him to stop attacking Camelot: "Dragorn. Non didlkai. Kari miss, epsipass imalla krat. Katostar abore ceriss. Katicur. Me ta sentende divoless. Kar… krisass" (The Last Dragonlord).
  • They also have a certain power over wyverns, for they were distant cousins of the dragons. Merlin used two different spells, spoken in the dragon tongue, to send away the wyverns: once while he was protecting Arthur in the Fisher King's Dark Tower ("Nun de ge dei s'eikein kai emois epe'essin hepesthai") (The Eye of the Phoenix), and the other when he drove them away on the Isle of the Blessed ("S'enthend' apokhorein nun epello-o-o") (The Darkest Hour: Part Two).
  • Merlin pronounced the same spell he had used to tame the wyverns ("Nun de ge dei s'eikein kai emois epe'essin hepesthai!") to control the young dragon Aithusa, who shared such a strong bond with Morgana that she was willing to attack the Knights of Camelot and the dragonlord to protect her companion. When he heard Arthur approaching, Merlin told Aithusa to leave, but since she refused, he ordered her in the tongue of dragons with the spell "Ithi!" (Arthur's Bane: Part Two). The young warlock used this same spell again to send Aithusa away when she attacked him, alongside with Mordred and Arthur, flying towards them and breathing fire (With All My Heart). He cast this spell one last time, adding the word "Weas!" at the end of the Battle of Camlann, sending the dragoness away (The Diamond of the Day: Part Two).
  • They can summon dragons and make them come to their rescue. Merlin used a spell ("O drakon, e male so ftengometta tesd'hup'anankes!") to call Kilgharrah in different occasions (The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part One, The Sorcerer's Shadow, The Darkest Hour: Part Two, The Sword in the Stone: Part Two, Arthur's Bane: Part One, The Disir, The Kindness of Strangers, The Diamond of the Day: Part Two). The young warlock also summoned the Great Dragon (with the words "O drakon, fthengomai au se kalon su katerkheo deuro!") and made him attack Agravaine and his soldiers, burning them alive (The Sword in the Stone: Part Two).
  • The ability of casting a form of stunning spell by emitting a great roar that sounds like a Dragon's (The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part One).
  • Only a dragonlord can cause a dragon egg to hatch, calling them from their dormant state and out of the shell, by giving the baby dragon a name(though it has been speculated that if a dragon were careful enough they could carve the dragon out of the egg without a dragonlord. This maybe how it was done before there were humans, and, by extension, dragonlords). Merlin gave life to Aithusa, naming him, in the dragon tongue, after the "light of the sun" (Aithusa).


  • The Great Dragon telepathically passes a powerful spell to Merlin with a deep breath.
  • Merlin tames Kilgharrah with his dragonlord-powers.
  • Merlin's dragon-like sonic scream.
  • Merlin calls the Dragon for help.
  • Merlin uses dragon magic.
  • Merlin sends the wyverns away.
  • Merlin using his dragonlord magic to control Aithusa.

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