Gilli vs Nollar00:35

Gilli vs Nollar

Gilli vs Nolar

I want you to help me decide which of these I'm going to kill you with.
Nollar to Gilli[src]
The duel between Gilli and Nollar occured in the Decennial Tournament, in one of the final rounds. Gilli faced the thug, Nollar in combat. Gilli was illegally using magic to increase his chances of winning. In the duel, Nollar charged in when Gilli least suspected with an axe. He continuously hit Gilli's shield with it, knocking him back, so Tindr could grab him arms. But Gilli headbutted Tindr, and used magic to knock Nollar back, onto the ground, before Gilli finished him off with his sword (The Sorcerer's Shadow).
Victory: Gilli

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