Where can I find the druids?
Merlin to Forridel
Forridel 2
Also Known As: N/A
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Family: N/A
Affiliation: Druids
Enemies: Camelot
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Beth Cordingly
List of Appearances: The Nightmare Begins
Forridel is the woman who gave Merlin the information he needed to find the druids' camp. Merlin found her name in the list - which was brought by Sir Leon to Arthur in his chambers - of people who were suspected of consorting with sorcerers, witches and druids. He entered her house, which was in the Lower Town, using an unlocking spell, as Uther's guards were arresting the suspects. He was surprised by the woman while he was looking around the house for her. At first she didn't want to give him the information he required, even when Merlin told her he was a friend of the druids. When the young warlock made Forridel realise that if it hadn't been for him, she would have been arrested, she told him where to find the druid camp to which he sent Morgana (The Nightmare Begins).
The Scroll

The scroll on which Merlin found Forridel's name.


Forridel attempts to escape