Gaius' Mother
Also Known As:  ?
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Family: Gaius (Son)
Affiliation: Gaius
Enemies:  ?
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer:  ?
List of Appearances: Le Morte d'Arthur (Mentioned)

Gaius' Mother is the mother of Gaius and his only mentioned relative. It can be deduced from what we know about her that she may have passed on some of her traits to Gaius, such as an awareness of superstitions. Gaius gave Merlin a Rabbit's foot for his journey to the Isle of the Blessed, which he said was supposed to protect the bearer from evil spirits, but soon dismissed it as 'superstitious nonsense' and said he shouldn't have given it to Merlin. In response, Merlin urged he would like to keep it. Since Gaius is a sorcerer, it is possible that he inherited his magical talents from her.

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