Arthur gauntlet
Appearances: Excalibur
The Sins of the Father
Sweet Dreams
Owain picked up the gauntlet. Owain is the one who must fight.
A gauntlet is a glove which completes the set of an armour. It is made of metal and designed to protect the forearm, the wrist, the hand and the fingers. It's fully articulated and free under the palm of the hand to ease the use of weapons.

A knight can also use it to challenge another knight. To do so he throws the gauntlet on the ground and the knight who wants to accept the challenge picks it up. When a knight wants to challenge a specific knight, he throws his gauntlet in front of him. The knight's code commands a knight to pick up the gauntlet when he is challenged and to never withdraw once the challenge is taken, or he will lose his honour and be named a coward.It also seems that a gauntlet's challenge is always a single combat to the death.

Tristan de Bois threw his gauntlet to the ground, hoping that Uther would pick the gauntlet up so he could fullfill his vengeance. But Sir Owain was the first to take the challenge and after him Sir Pellinore and then Arthur, who threw his own gauntlet onto the ground to challenge Tristan after the defeat of Pellinore. Finally, Uther assumed that Tristan de Bois came for him and took the place of his son.

Morgause threw her gauntlet in front of Arthur to challenge him in a single combat. When Arthur found out the truth about the death of his mother, he threw his gauntlet in front of his father.

Olaf threw his gauntlet on the ground the challenge an enchanted Arthur to a three round duel, Olaf nearly beat Arthur in the first to rounds, but the enchantment broke off by the third round and Arthur defeated Olaf (Sweet Dreams).