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Also Known As: N/A
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Family: Father †
Affiliation: Merlin
Enemies: Tindr
Uther Pendragon
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Harry Melling
List of Appearances: The Sorcerer's Shadow
Without magic, I'm a nobody. People think they can kick dirt in my face.
Gilli to Merlin[src]
Gilli is a young warlock who entered the Decennial Tournament in Camelot in which there are no rules. Despite the risk of his own excecution, he used magic to increase his chance of victory.


Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Gilli's past or childhood.  He was young when his father died due to unknown reasons and carried a hatred for Uther for hunting down magic-users.  Gilli could never understand why his father never used his magic to defend himself from the attackers who killed him, leading him to believe his father was afraid of magic.  After his father died, Gilli often used his ring to perform spells.

Competing in the tournament  Edit

You've seen the way people are now. They're showing me respect. And you don't know what that's like for me.
Gilli to Merlin[src]
 Every ten years, a tournament is held in Camelot where there are no rules and anyone may enter. Gilli decided to enter the tournament this particular year. While travelling to Camelot, he was teased by two men named Tindr and Nollar. Gilli used magic against them to escape. Upon arriving at Camelot, he stayed in the Tavern. Here, he met Merlin and saved him from the same men whom had teased him earlier. The two became friends.

During the first set of the challenges, Gilli won, but Merlin notices that Gilli was using magic. Merlin warns Gilli not to use magic and told him he best withdraw.  Gilli would not, saying he has every right to be in the tournament - there are no rules and Merlin would not understand. He made it to the final but there was one problem, he would play either Arthur or Uther . When Arthur allows his father to win, Merlin tells Gilli he needs to withdraw at once because he should not fight Uther with magic. But although Gilli agreed he should not fight Uther, he also said he thought someone needs to stand up for those with magic and so Gilli stays in the tournament.


Gilli using magic

Merlin tells Gilli he also had magic. The next morning, to Merlin's dismay, Gilli still enters the finale to fight Uther. Gilli attempts again to use magic to win but Gilli's attemps fail as Merlin was uses magic to stop Gilli from winning. By the end of the match, Uther wins and Gilli, angry, storms away. Merlin went to find him, and found him in his room in the tavern where he had calmed him down. Gilli then said he knew now that the reason his father was so afraid of using magic. He apologised and departed Camelot the next day, with him and Merlin departing as friends. Merlin comments their paths will cross again one day.


Gilli was an obsessed and bitter person who was determined to achieve glory by participating in a tournament. His obsessed nature most likely came from his belief that his father was afraid of magic, and that he felt vunerable when he could not use his magic freely. He had a huge hatred for Uther due to his war on magic, however, that hatred almost caused him to kill Uther, forcing Merlin to stop him. However, he proved to be a good man when he protected Merlin from the two thugs Nollar and Tindr. When he realised that his father was not afraid of magic as he thought but that he had feared that magic would corrupt, Gilli forgave Merlin for preventing him from killing Uther, and accepted that magic would one day be permitted again and that their paths would cross again one day.

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