Gwen Ring
Guinevere's Engagement Ring
Also known as: Engagement Ring

The engagement ring of Queen Guinevere Pendragon

Type: Ring
Place of origin: Camelot
Appearances: Lancelot Du Lac
The Hunter's Heart
The Sword in the Stone
Is that a 'yes'?
Arthur after asking Gwen to marry him the first time[src]
Guinevere's Engagement Ring is the engagement ring of Queen Guinevere Pendragon.


When Arthur decided that it was time for him to propose to Guinevere, he asked Merlin to help prepare for the proposal at her house. Arthur ambushed Gwen in his chambers, blindfolded her and lead her to her house where he proposed. So shocked by the question, Gwen became speechless and hugged him instead of saying yes, which he replied with "Is that a 'yes'?". Gwen proudly wore the ring during Arthur's engagement tournament as Arthur and her were now officially together.

Angered that Gwen was going to become Queen of Camelot, Morgana raised Gwen's old love interest, Lancelot, from the dead and made him give an enchanted bracelet to her as a wedding gift, which made all her old feelings for him return. Under the enchantment, Gwen kissed Lancelot and betrayed Arthur. Heartbroken over the betrayal, Arthur exiled Gwen from Camelot (Lancelot du Lac).

During her exile, she wore her engagement ring around her neck as a lone memory of Arthur. After being chased and confronted by Morgana, the witch knocked the king's former fiancee unconscious, tore the ring from her neck and threw it away. The ring was later found by Arthur, who was on a deer hunt and it almost led to him almost killing an enchanted Gwen. It was at that moment, Arthur realised that he still in loved Gwen despite everything that had happened between her and Lancelot (The Hunter's Heart). He returned the ring to her after the second overthrowal of Morgana where he proposed again. After that, Gwen is seen wearing the ring with pride as Arthur, now her husband, crowns her as the rightful Queen of Camelot (The Sword in the Stone).

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In an earlier set picture released of Gwen's new red dress, there is a glimpse of the ring indicating that the ring will be seen again. Note: the ring is only just visible in this picture.


  • The ring may have once belonged to Arthur's mother Ygraine. If the pictures of both Gwen and Ygraine are compared the rings look alike.
  • In Series 5, Guinevere is seen wearing the ring but it is seen to be different to the one Arthur gave her.


  • Gwen holding her ring.
  • Gwen wearing her ring as a necklace.
  • Gwen proudly wearing her ring.
  • Arthur holding Gwen's ring and thinking about her.
  • A glimpse of Gwen's ring.
  • Arthur found Gwen's ring.
  • Arthur putting the ring on Gwen's finger.
  • A glimpse of Gwen's ring as she become the Queen.