Guinevere's Family is a peasant family in Camelot. It's most notable members are Queen Guinevere Pendragon and her brother Sir Elyan. Through Gwen's marriage the family is also related to the House of Pendragon and the House of de Bois. The family is extant in the male line but still exists through the female line with Guinevere.


Member Position Status Relatives Photo
Tom's  Wife Maid in Sir Leon's Household Unknown
  • Mother of Guinevere and Elyan
  • Wife of Tom
  • Mother-in-law of Arthur Pendragon
Tom Blacksmith

  • Father of Guinevere and Elyan
  • Husband of Gwen's Mother
  • Father-in-law of Arthur Pendragon
Tom after buying Gwen dress
Guinevere 'Gwen' Pendragon Alive
  • Wife of Arthur Pendragon
  • Sister of Elyan
  • Daughter of Tom and unnamed mother
Gwen Series 5 Promo

  • Brother of Guinevere
  • Son of Tom and unnamed mother
  • Brother-in-law of Arthur Pendragon
Elyan Series 5 Promo
Arthur Pendragon († Until he rise again.)
  • Husband of Guinevere
  • Brother-in-law of Elyan
  • Son-in-law of Tom and his wife
Arthur Series 5 Promo

Related FamiliesEdit


  • Guinevere 'Gwen' Pendragon; Sister of Sir Elyan and Wife of King Arthur
  • Sir Elyan; Brother of Gwen and Brother-in-Law of Arthur
  • Tom; Father of Gwen and Elyan and Father-in-law of Arthur
  • Father and Daughter
  • Brother and Sister

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • There has been reports that more of Gwen and Elyan's family will be introduced or at least mentioned in Series 5.

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