The House of Gorlois was as a noble family in Camelot. It consisted of the knight Gorlois and his family. The most notable member is Morgana Pendragon who was presumbly a daughter of Gorlois but was revealed to be the daughter of Gorlois' best friend Uther Pendragon via an affair with his wife Vivienne.

Known MembersEdit

Member Status Relative Position Photo
Morgana Pendragon Deceased
  • Daughter of Vivienne
  • Stepdaughter of Gorlois
  • Half-sister of Morgause
  • Lady of Camelot (self-exiled)
  • Queen of Camelot (overthrown twice)
Morgause Deceased
  • Daughter of Vivienne
  • Stepdaughter of Gorlois
  • Half-sister of Morgana
Presumbly a Lady
Morgause in a Red Dress
Gorlois Deceased
  • Husband of Vivienne
  • Stepfather of Morgause
  • Stepfather of Morgana
Knight of Camelot
Vivienne Unknown
  • Mother of Morgause and Morgana
  • Wife of Gorlois

Related FamiliesEdit


  • It has been speculated by fans that Gorlois' surname is 'Le Fay'. This has not been confirmed.
  • Of the four known members of this house, two of them (Morgana and Morgause) have turned against Camelot.
  • It is known that two members of this house have magical abilities (Morgana and Morgause) and it is presumed that their mother, Vivienne, had magical powers, too.

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