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Jeremy Webb
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Jeremy Webb

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The Gates of Avalon
The Beginning of the End
The Once and Future Queen
The Nightmare Begins
The Witchfinder
The Fires of Idirsholas
The Last Dragonlord
The Tears of Uther Pendragon
Goblin's Gold
The Coming of Arthur
A Herald of the New Age
The Hunter's Heart



Serie(s) :

1, 2, 3 & 4


Jeremy Webb is a director for many episodes of the BBC drama series Merlin. He directed thirteen episodes: three episodes from Series 1, five episodes from Series 2, three episodes from Series 3, and two episodes from Series 4.

He has also worked on Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Casualty, Silk, Ultimate Force, What We Did on Our Holiday,  and Grange Hill.

Webb has directed the following episodes:

Series 1Edit

Series 2Edit

Series 3Edit

Series 4Edit


  • Jeremy Webb is the only director who has been with the team of Merlin from the very beginning (from Series 1).
  • Webb announced that he would not be directing any episodes of Series 5.

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