The Lady of Camelot was a title bestowed on the King of Camelot's ward or daughter. The only known Lady of Camelot would be Uther Pendragon's daughter, Morgana who was passed off as his ward for many years before it was revealed she was his daughter via an affair he had with Sir Gorlois' wife, Vivienne. It is also unknown if Arthur's mother, Ygraine took this title as well before becoming Uther's queen but it seems likely that she did not take this title because she was already a Lady at birth as she was born into a noble family known as the House of De Bois.

Known Ladies of CamelotEdit

Lady Reason Status Photo
Morgana Pendragon Uther's secret daughter.



Morgana Katie McGrath-15

Morgana Pendragon

Lady Percival Unknown, probably born noble Unknown, Alive in Series 1

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