Merlin mystery

To celebrate the release of the Merlin Series 4 Boxset and Blu-Ray, the Merlin team/Shine TV Limited set up a Merlin Mystery competition.

To be in the chance of winning one of over 20 Merlin prizes, a contestant has to simply enter their email address into the form on:

Through the official Merlin Facebook page, clues as to what the prizes may be are revealed over the coming days.


  • The first clue appears to be a sign boxed set.
  • The second clue appears to be a Merlin figurine.
  • The third clue is not the DVD box set, but it features the feature poster for Series 4.
  • The forth clue appears to be a figurine of Arthur Pendragon.
  • The fifth clue appears to be the second DVD box set of Merlin, containing episodes 7-13.


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