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The soundtrack for Series Four of Merlin was composed by Rob Lane, Rohan Stevenson, James Gosling and Michal Pavlícek. It was released on 2nd October 2012.


1. Titles - The Strange Girl

2. Merlin and Morgana Duel

3. The Darkest Hour

4. The Burial

5. Arthur Asked To lead

6. Arthur And The Madness Of Love

7. The Nightmare and the Sidhe

8. Cenred's Kingdom

9. Oswald's Ambushed

10. Morgana's Hatred of Uther

11. Merlin Brew's A Potion

12. Morgauses Magic

13. Lancelot's Fight

14. Ygraine's Theme

15. Morgana Spared

16. The Poisoning

17. Knights Of The Round Table

18. The Bond Of Sacrifice

19. The Labyrinth Of Gedref

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