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The soundtrack for Series One of Merlin was composed by Rob Lane. It was released on November 4, 2008.


1. Merlin's Arrival At Camelot

2. The Tournament Begins

3. The Witch's Threat

4. Hunith's Letter To Gaius

5. Meeting Arthur/Lady Helen Possessed

6. Fighting In The Market

7. The Magic Sheild

8. Arthur and Knight Valiant

9. Merlin Lost

10. To Morgana

11. The Burdens Of Duty

12. Breaking The Spell

13. Plague In The Water

14. Arthur's Final battle

15. Guinevere

16. Defeating The Afanc

17. The Witch's Aria

18. The Call Of Destiny - Titles


Merlin's Arrival At Camelot03:08

Merlin's Arrival At Camelot

The Tournament Begins02:25

The Tournament Begins

Merlin Soundtrack - The Witch's Threat02:01

Merlin Soundtrack - The Witch's Threat

Merlin Soundtrack - Hunith's Letter to Gaius01:41

Merlin Soundtrack - Hunith's Letter to Gaius

Meeting Arthur-Lady Helen Possessed04:14

Meeting Arthur-Lady Helen Possessed

Fighting In The Market01:46

Fighting In The Market

The Magic Shield01:03

The Magic Shield

Arthur And Knight Valiant01:46

Arthur And Knight Valiant

Merlin Lost01:41

Merlin Lost

To Morgana02:31

To Morgana

The Burdns Of Duty02:01

The Burdns Of Duty

Breaking The Spell02:15

Breaking The Spell

Plague In The Water01:34

Plague In The Water

Arthur's Final Battle07:34

Arthur's Final Battle

Merlin Soundtrack Series 1 - 15 - Guinevere01:32

Merlin Soundtrack Series 1 - 15 - Guinevere

Defeating The Afane03:05

Defeating The Afane

The Witch's Aria03:09

The Witch's Aria

The Call Of Destiny - Titles01:57

The Call Of Destiny - Titles

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