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The soundtrack for Series Three of Merlin was composed by Rob LaneRohan Stevenson and James Gosling. It was released on October 2, 2012.


1. Main Titles - A Kingdom Under Threat

2. Bandit Attack

3. Morgana Recuperates

4. Business As Usual

5. Uther & Morgana Reunited

6. Treachery

7. Merlin In Peril - Dragon Rescue

8. Gwaine's Bar Brawl

9. Morgana Close To Death

10. Gaius The Goblin

11. Skeleton Attack

12. The Farting Princess,

13. Seducing Pixie

14. The Melee

15. Freya

16. The Fisher King

17. Infiltrate The Citadel

18. Finale - The Sword In The Stone.

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