Merlin and Freya
Also Known As: Freylin, Merya, Fremer
Biographical Information
Race: Merlin: Sorcerer

Freya: Formerly human/bastet Currently Spirit/Lady of the Lake

Gender: Female and Male
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Young Loves/ Lovers/
Enemies: Uther
The witch that cursed Freya
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Laura Donnelly and Colin Morgan
List of Appearances: Freya: 2 episodes

Merlin: 65 episodes

You've already saved me. You made me feel loved
Freya to Merlin on her death bed

Freya is Merlins only love throughout the series. Freya and Merlin met when Merlin freed Freya from a cage the bounty hunter Halig put her in. Merlin took her to a cavern under the castle and snuck some of Arthurs food down to her. He mentioned alot that she was the only one that understood him and how difficult it was to never show magic. When Merlin snuck a huge round wheel of bread down to Freya he said it would be the best meal she ever had and what would she like on it. She asked for strawberries and Merlin did a spell to summon a rose. Freya laughed and said that it wasnt a strawberry, Merlin just smiled and said its the right colour though.

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Freya insisted she was a beast and Merlin said that magic was a gift not a curse. Merlin said they could leave Camelot, Freya asked where they would go they both smiled and they said they would go somewhere with Mountains, wild flowers, a few fields, a couple of cows, and they both said A lake.

Freya had once killed a boy who's mother was a witch and cursed her to kill forever more as a bastet. A Bastet was a creature that transformed at Midnight and killed. Freya had no control over this.
They're relationship ended when Freya transformed and was wounded by some of Camelots knights. She was mortally wounded and Merlin carried her to the Lake where she could see a lake and mountains which was where they planned to run off to. She there died and said to Merlin that he had made her feel loved and that saved her. Merlin placed Freya in a boat surrounded by ferns and sent it off into the lake lighting it on fire with magic.

Freya said one day she would repay him and she did by guarding Excalibur and became The Lady of The Lake and when the time came returned Excalibur to Merlin from the bottom of the lake.