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  • Cqm

    I don't like leaving unnecessary messages on someone's wall for a reason that is not their fault, so I'm bringing my replies here instead.

    Perhaps I was only taken on for my knowledge of wikis in general, it's not that much of a leap to understand that. I even de-sysoped myself at one point because I had serious doubts as to whether I, as someone not particularly active in the community and thus not universally trusted in the community, should even receive the tools.

    Also, just because I'm not a big content editor, doesn't mean I never watch the show. I do maintenance work and discuss wiki policy on my home wiki (neither of which seem to even exist here). Take a look at Special:UnusedFiles or the non-existant Category:Candidates for deletion and the attitude of admins that make whatever changes they want without any consideration for the wants of their community. I've seen pages deleted because the deleting admin felt that such a edit should have been run past an admin beforehand. Why? One of the founding pillars of a wiki is that all editors have equal opinion and to be bold.

    So yeah, I figure de-sysopping me is your way of blocking me and hoping I'll go away. I'll take the hint so do me a favour and delete all these. I don't like loose ends.

    I still don't buy your excuse either. You emailed Dryuuu and instead of emailing a response directed at you, he emails back one directed at me? Your story is full of holes, regardless of what you say,

    I'll be unfollowing this as soon as I hit post so don't be surprised if I don't reply again.

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  • The main page just keeps getting better and better! Good job!!

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  • Hya; we at the pokemon wiki not to use it yet. Bermuda may have said such a little differently. but adios.


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    • A Lurker in the Woods
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