Morgana's Dagger
Type: A dagger given to Morgana by Arthur
Appearances: The Crystal Cave
It's not often you're right, Merlin, but this is one of those rare occasions. Girls do like pretty things.
Arthur discusses Morgana's present with Merlin[src]

Morgana's Birthday PresentEdit

Morgana was given a dagger by Arthur for her birthday. When Merlin was taken by the seer Taliesin to the Crystal Cave, he had a vision of Morgana brandishing an ornate dagger and stabbing Uther. Later on, Merlin himself caused part of this future to happen when he told Arthur not to give Morgana a simple and plain knife for her birthday, because girls usually go for pretty things like jewelry. Arthur, in fact, changed the dagger and bought Morgana the blade with which Merlin had seen her kill Uther. After the Witch was healed by Merlin from the cranium wound he had accidentally inflicted, she tried to assassinate Uther in his sleep for not telling her he was her real father. Luckily, she was stopped in the nick of time by Merlin, who smashed a window with his magic and woke the King up (The Crystal Cave).

The Witch's Personal Defence Weapon (Series 4)Edit

One year after the fall of Morgana's reign, the sorceress changed her style and began to carry a dagger with her, bound to the belt of her black robes. Since Morgana had gained stronger powers she no longer required a sword or armour, instead relying on her magic in conjunction with her dagger. She used it in several occasions:


  • The dagger Arthur wanted to give Morgana in the first place.
  • Morgana admiring her beautiful present.
  • Morgana's new dagger.
  • The dagger bound to Morgana's belt.
  • Promotional picture of "The Crystal Cave".
  • Promotional picture of Morgana in Series 2, with an unspecified dagger.
  • Promotional picture of Morgana in Series 2, with an unspecified dagger.
  • Promotional picture from Series 2 of Morgana with an unspecified dagger.
  • Promotional picture from "The Crystal Cave".
  • Promotional picture from "The Crystal Cave".