Nimueh's Cave
Location: Albion, Isle of the Blessed

Affiliated with:

Appearances: The Mark of Nimueh
The Poisoned Chalice
The sorceress Nimueh frequently performed her most powerful forms of magic (like hydromancy) within the confines of a cave. She animated a piece of clay shaped to resemble an Afanc and delivered it into Camelot's water supply from this cavern, as well as monitoring the aftermath of her various machinations from a stone scrying fount in the cave (The Mark of Nimueh). The High Priestess also prepared in this cave a poisoned goblet with Mortaeus flowers (The Poisoned Chalice).


Nimueh's cave is a large, dark and gloomy cave with a bowl of water on a tall stand in the centre, in which Nimueh can peer into other places by casting a spell over it.


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