The Pool of Nemhain
Location: Albion
Type: Lake
Appearances: Lancelot du Lac
The Pool of Nemhain is the last of the five Gateways that separates the world of the living from the world of the dead (the Spirit world). The waters of this lake are as black as night, and as still as death itself, presumably because it is a gateway to the dead.


MorganaHigh Priestess of the Triple Goddess, went to the Dochraid to ask her how to raise a shade with a magical coin given to her by her sister Morgause. The Dochraid told her to travel to the Pool of Nemhain and cast the coin into its depths so that her wish could be granted (Lancelot du Lac).


  • The Dochraid told Morgana that there were five Gateways to the Spirit world. One of them could also be the Lake of Avalon, that connects the living world to Avalon. The Cailleach could also be the gatekeeper to the Pool of Nemhain, since it is just a portal to the Spirit world.

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