Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson
Biographical information

Ian Carmichael Wilson

Birth date

7 July 1936

Birth place

Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK





IMDb record

Richard Wilson

His/her attendance in Merlin series
Played role


First appearance

The Dragon's Call

Last appearance

The Diamond of the Day

Appearances number


Serie(s) :

1, 2, 3, 4 & 5


Ian Carmichael "Richard" Wilson OBE is a British actor and theatre director. He portrays the character of Gaius in the BBC series Merlin. He is also well known for playing Victor Meldrew in the popular BBC sitcom One Foot in the Grave.

Richard also appeared in the Doctor Who episodes The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances as the physician Dr. Constantine. He has appeared in Mr.Bean as a dentist, and in the 1980s show, Sherlock Holmes.

Richard also has a flair for theatre directing as he has directed many theatre productions and has won the TMA Best Director Award in 2000.


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