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Rohan Stevenson
Rohan Stevenson
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Rohan Stevenson

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1, 2, 3 & 4


Rohan Stevenson is a composer who composed the soundtrack for some episodes of Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4 of the BBC television series Merlin along with Rob Lane, James Gosling and Michal Pavlícek.

Stevenson composed the following score:

Series 1Edit

  • Defeating The Afanc

Series 2Edit

  • Sigan's Revenge
  • Avalon
  • Lancelot Leaves
  • The Machinations of Cedric
  • Settlement Attack
  • Farewell to Gwen
  • The Forged Seal
  • Morgana's Nightmares
  • Hiding Excalibur

Series 3Edit

  • Gwaine's Bar Brawl
  • Morgana Close to Death
  • Skeleton Attack
  • The Farting Princess
  • Seducing Pixie
  • The Melee
  • Infiltrate the Citadel
  • Finale - The Sword in the Stone

Series 4Edit

  • Merlin and Morgana Duel
  • Arthur and the Madness of Love
  • The Nightmare and the Sidhe
  • Cenred's Kingdom
  • Oswald Ambushed
  • Morgana's Hatred of Uther
  • Merlin Brews a Potion
  • Lancelot's Fight
  • Ygraine's Theme
  • Morgana Spared
  • Morgana Poisoned



  • Rohan plays some of the piano parts of the soundtracks himself, he also plays all the clarinet parts
  • Rohan has worked with Rob Lane on the soundtrack for "Who Killed Tutenkahmun” as well as the Merlin soundtrack.

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