The Royal Round Table
Also known as: The Round Table
Type: Table
Place of origin: Camelot
Appearances: The Coming of Arthur:Part 2
Arthur's Bane:Part 1
The Death Song of Uther Pendragon
The Hollow Queen
The Diamond of the Day
A round table afforded no one man more importance than any other. They believed in equality in all things.
Arthur on the Round Table[src]


The Royal Round Table is a table that was used by the ancient Kings of Camelot. The Old Kings believed in equality in all things, so they always dined and held counsel at the round table, to insure that no one person was afforded greater status than another.

Knights of the Round Table

Knights of the Round Table

The tradition of the round table was revived shortly before Arthur Pendragon's first attempt to seize Camelot from Morgana and Morgause's control. The Knights of the Round Table, the sorcerer Merlin, Guinevere Pendragon, and the physician Gaius spent one evening at the table before the coup. Once Arthur regained control of the kingdom, he placed a larger replica of the original Round Table in the throne room, and held counsel at it with his knights, physician, and queen. It is assumed that his successor, Guinevere, also continued this tradition.


The following pictures are of those who know of the Round Table's existence and have sat around it.

  • Knights of the Round Table (L to R) Sir Gwaine, Sir Percival and Sir Lancelot.
  • Sir Leon; original knight of Camelot and Knight of the Round Table.
  • Sir Elyan; Brother-in-law of King Arthur and Brother of Queen Guinevere
  • Sir Gwaine; friend of King Arthur and Merlin and Knight of the Round Table.
  • Knights of the Round Table (L to R): Percival, Gwaine, Lancelot, Arthur, Elyan, & Leon.
  • Sir Percival; friend of Lancelot and Knight of the Round Table.
  • Deceased Knight of the Round Table; Sir Lancelot.
  • Round Table Knights (L to R): Leon, Gwaine, Lancelot, Arthur, Elyan and Percival.
  • Queen Guinevere; King Arthur's beloved wife and Queen and the only female member.
  • Gaius; Camelot's Court Physician and Merlin's Guardian.
  • Merlin; King Arthur's best friend and most trusted manservant and Gaius' ward.
  • Gaius, Arthur and the Royal Round Table.
  • Merlin, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Unlike the table seen in the episode The Coming of Arthur Part 2, the new Round Table appears in the throne room and is much bigger in size than its original counterpart.
  • There are even more members of the Round Table then before hence the reason why the table is much bigger.