Scrying fount
Scrying fount
Type: Stone bowl
Place of origin: Nimueh's cave
Appearances: The Mark of Nimueh
The Poisoned Chalice
A scrying fount is a stone bowl on a waist-high pedestal located in a cave, that was used by the sorceress Nimueh to magically view events in various locations.

Nimueh used the fount to deliver an Afanc with which she poisoned the water supply of Camelot (The Mark of Nimueh). The spell she used to scry the water was: "Diegol cnytte, gewitte me yst, aliese hine, to Camelot he cymþ".

She later used the fount to watch the aftermath of her attempted assassination of Merlin (The Poisoned Chalice). To watch Merlin, she used this enchantment: "Diegol cnytte, gewitte me yst, þa tacnian me yst þonne ieceþ sicle. Diegol cnytte, gewitte me yst, þa tacnian me yst þonne ieceþ sicle. Swilte ar ond calan, drædan morðor, to Camelot he cymþ!"
Merlin104 0043

Nimueh watches Merlin.

The scrying fount hasn't appeared following Nimueh's death.

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