A Servant serves a person of noble blood and does all the chores of the household. There are more servants in the royal household than there are of any other noble household. Interestingly, very few individual servants are seen, for instance, Agravaine or the Knights of Camelot's manservants are unseen.

Types of ServantsEdit

Known ServantsEdit

Servant Status Household Role Photo
Guinevere Pendragon Alive Pendragon

Former Maid of Lady Morgana Pendragon.

Does not serve anymore. Now Queen.

Gwen 200
Merlin Alive Pendragon Manservant of King Arthur Pendragon
George Alive Pendragon Former temporary manservant of King Arthur Pendragon
393px-Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 9.42.26 PM
Cedric Pendragon

Former Temporary Manservant to Prince Arthur Pendragon

Merlin201 1192

Cedric is possessed by Cornelius Sigan.

Guinevere's Mother Unknown fate Sir Leon's Household Maid
Jonas Catrina (Troll) Servant
Audrey Alive Pendragon Head Chef
Morris Alive Pendragon Former Manservant of Prince Arthur Pendragon
Cara (Nimueh) Bayard's Household Disguised Maid


Trickler Alive Alined's Household Servant and Court Jester
Fyren Alive Pendragon Unknown Spy to Myror
Bronwen Lady Helen's Household Lady Helen's (Mary Collin's) servant
Merlin101 1729
Kelda Alive Odin's Household (formally) Servant
Sefa Alive Pendragon Maid of Queen Guinevere (later imprisoned and escaped, current whereabouts unknown) 
A common servant

Common unnamed servant

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