The Skirmish in the Caves occured when Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Tristan and Isolde were chased by Agravaine and the Southrons.

Merlin sent The Great Dragon for them, but while the group of fugitives entered the tunnels near Ealdor, Agravaine and few Southrons escaped the flames of the Dragon and got in the tunnels as well. The fugitives heard movements behind them, and Merlin proposed to head back and create a diversion.
Merlin and Agravaine

Merlin exposes his powers at Agravaine

Merlin turned back to confront Agravaine and his men and as he was cornered, Agravaine asked him where was Arthur and threatened him, being sure that he would kill him easily. The eyes of Merlin glowed and he tossed his opponents backwards onto the ground. He killed them all except Agravaine who, getting back on his feet, finally understood that Merlin was Emrys. Nevertheless, he still hadn't an idea of the power of Merlin and thought he could defeat him by trickery, so, while he was speaking with him, he tried to throw a dagger, but Merlin was too fast and tossed him again onto the ground, his head impacting a rock gave him a mortal blow. Merlin returned to the group, to Arthur's relief (The Sword in the Stone).


  • Merlin confronts Agravaine and his men
  • He tries to warn Agravaine
  • But Agravaine does not understand
  • Merlin throws his opponents onto the ground
  • Agravaine survives
  • He understands Merlin has magic
  • Even that Merlin is Emrys
  • But still not aware of his true power
  • Then he tried to trick the young warlock
  • His foolishness costs him his life
  • The grave face of Merlin just after he killed Agravaine
  • Exiting the caves after killing Agravaine

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