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Sorcerer's Chime
Type: Magical instrument
Place of origin: Unknown
Appearances: Love in the Time of Dragons
Each crystal bears an elemental sign of the Old Religion.
Gaius to Alice[src]
A Totem of Healing  better known as a Sorcerer's Chime is a magical instrument. Each crystal bears an elemental sign of the Old Religion. When enchanted, the crystals resonate and their music gives succor to the ailing and the sick.

The witch and healer Alice created one and gave it to the innkeeper, Evoric, who was seriously ill. The innkeeper put it in the inn's doorway and it cured him, along with Alice's magical potion.

Before the Great Purge, Alice, whose power and abilities were uncanny, taught Gaius healing magic; being very skilled in this art herself, and about the properties of the Sorcerer's chimes (Love in the Time of Dragons).

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