Merlin304 1794
Stulorne Blades
Type: Magical Blade
Appearances: Gwaine
- They're blunt.
- That is only how they appear.
Dagr to Ebor[src]
Stulorne Blades are blades that are forged using sorcery. They appear blunt to the eye but in reality they are razor sharp.

Two thugs Dagr and Ebor asked the sorcerer Cylferth to get them the Stulorne Blades in order to use them in a tournament in Camelot and get their revenge on Arthur. While Merlin was cleaning their room, he accidentally cut himself with one blade. The Stulorne Blades led Merlin, Gaius, and Gwaine to discover the Knight's true identity. During the tournament Gwaine killed Dagr and Ebor using these swords (Gwaine).

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