Super strength is the ability to exert or apply more force to something than possible for a normal human. Magic can grant magicians super strength for as long as they concentrate on the magic. Certain creatures, like Trolls, naturally possess great strength. Dragons, due to their immense size, can easily fling and flick humans around and probably everything else besides the Goddess herself.


  • Beauty and the Beast Part One - Catrina's servant, Jonas, was able to toss Merlin around, but Merlin was able to kick him off him seemingly using magic to boost his own strength.
  • Beauty and the Beast Part Two - Catrina ripped a door off its hinges.
  • The Sorcerer's Shadow - Gilli used magic to enhance his attacks to the point where he was able to easily batter Uther to the ground.
  • Arthur's Bane - In Part Two, Merlin, using magic, was able to break a sheet of hard ice.

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