The Bestiary
Also known as: Bestiary of Phylum of Cambria
Type: Book
Place of origin: the Royal Library
Appearances: Goblin's Gold
The Bestiary? I haven't seen that for many years. It'll be somewhere in the east wing.
Geoffrey of Monmouth to Merlin[src]

The Bestiary of Phylum of Cambria is the book Gaius asked Merlin to fetch for him from the Royal Library. He asked Geoffrey of Monmouth where it could be found, and he told him to look in the east wing. While looking for the book, Merlin accidentally triggered a secret door which lead to a hidden room where he released the Goblin from the Lead box. When the Goblin left the room, Merlin followed him back to the library. It was there when the Goblin started to throw books at him that Merlin found the Bestiary. He took the book with him, left the library and went to Arthur's chambers where the Goblin was making a mess. When the Goblin went to Morgana's chambers, he followed him and forgot the Bestiary under Arthur's bed.