Queen Morgana on the throne

I crown thee, Morgana Pendragon, queen of Camelot!
Geoffrey of Monmouth crowns Morgana [src]
The Coronation of Queen Morgana was the 'ceremony' that saw Uther Pendragon's illegitimate daughter, Morgana, become queen after she and her half-sister Morgause took over Camelot for the first time.


In the Crystal Cave, Merlin sees Morgana attempt to kill Uther so he attempts to stop her, which results in her falling down a flight of stairs and almost dying. Uther, desperate to save her tells Gaius of her true heritage and that he is in fact Morgana's father and not Gorlois, like it was originally believed leaving Morgana, who was on death's doorstep to overhear this. Once she recovered, bitter about Uther not accepting her as his daughter, she reported this to her half-sister Morgause, who was overjoyed by the news telling a confused Morgana that she had a claim to Uther's throne like Arthur did. After this, Morgana strongly believed that the crown was rightfully hers, which was true, since Gaius also confirmed that Arthur was the only person standing between her and the throne of Camelot.

With the help of King Cenred, Morgause and Morgana manage to overthrow Uther and eventually their betrayal is revealed, which greatly devastates Uther. However, the sisters are unaware that Arthur and Merlin are watching overhead. Merlin and Arthur are forced to flee with their friends namely Gwaine, Elyan, and Gaius while Gwen is forced to remain in Camelot and serve her former best friend. During this time, Arthur sulks and wonders why Morgana would betray them.

When Morgana took over Camelot the second time a year later, she did not have a coronation ceremony. During a coronation, another individual, like Arthur or Geoffrey of Monmouth, declare, by the powers vested in them, that the person they are crowning is a King or Queen. By foregoing the coronation ceremony, Morgana symbolically declares that her own power gives her the right to claim the Throne of Camelot.


  • Morgana is the first person to become a monarch twice. The first time, Geoffrey of Monmouth was threatened by sword and forced to coronate her and the next time Morgana declared herself Queen as she had already been coronated once.


  • Morgana's half sister, Morgause, watches on


Morgana's First Coronation

Morgana's First Coronation

Morgana's Second Coronation

Morgana's Second Coronation