I now pronounce you to be husband and wife.
Geoffrey of Monmouth[src]

The Wedding of King Uther and Lady Catrina occurred when a Troll came to Camelot disguised as Lady Catrina of Tregor. Uther eventually agreed to the marriage after Catrina enchanted him with a necklace. Many guests were invited to the wedding including Gaius, Arthur, Morgana, and Gwen. Shortly before the wedding the Troll trapped Merlin inside the Dungeons. Merlin eventually broke out and was about to stop the wedding when he was forced to duel Jonas. Merlin overcame Jonas however he was too late to stop the marriage.


  • The wedding of Uther and 'Catrina', is the only successful wedding to have seen in the show. The wedding of Elena and Arthur was cancelled at the last minute, while the first wedding of Arthur and Guinevere failed because she was exiled for 'adultery', Arthur called off his and Mithian's wedding because he still loved Gwen, while the Arthur and Guinevere's second wedding is indirectly mentioned with Gwen's crowning as Queen of Camelot where Arthur and Gwen are already married when he crowns her.