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The hand that caught the sword in the final.

  • Could you please tell me your opinion about the hand that caught the sword in the final?

    It was a men's hand or a woman's hand?

    I mean it looks like it was the men's hand.

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    • Indeed, the hand looks more masculine. However, I think it is Freya. The reasons are:

      • She was the one to give Merlin the sword in the first place.
      • It is what happens in the legends.
      • Merlin wanted this sword to be wielded only by Arthur, so when Arthur died it makes sense why she wanted to give it back to him.
      • Arthur could not make it so fast to Avalon even if he wanted to!

      So it is definitely not vote goes to Freya (Except if it was Lancelot, which is unlikely :/)!

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    • Ok, i understand your position:)

      Thanks for the answer!

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    • Arthur's body was not even in Avalon. So yeah, like Morganaforever said, it would be silly for him to suddenly make it there. I think his body has to rest on top to truly reach there.

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    • I really think it was Lancelot

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    • Sigh. I really fail to see how this is a matter of "opinon" on this wiki.

      The hand was NOT Lancelot's or Arthur's. (What's next? Someone notices the arm looks a little darker than the arm in The Coming of Arthur and suggests it's ELYAN? Come on, really, people?)

      The show's writers/director already confirmed it was Freya's hand. A LONG while back. But they supposedly used a male diver for that scene, and that's the ONLY reason it appears to be a man's arm. But that doesn't make it Lancelot or Arthur.

      And Merlin is NOT the only King Arthur take to use a male-looking arm for The Lady of the Lake. I've even seen BOOKS of the legend where the arm is drawn in an overt masculine way. But that doesn't mean in those books, where Lancelot was living as a monk or in France or wherever because of being exiled, he suddenly appeared in the lake and took back the sword. Ditto Arthur.

      This fustrates me because this wiki is supposed to keep the facts straight. This isn't fanon. If you people want a story about it being Lancelot or Arthur's arm, go write one and post it on, yes?

      I've even had to deal with strong opinoned people who think it was Arthur's hand "fixing" carefully edited info pages I did a lot of work on in this wiki in the past.

      This isn't a pairing debate left open (aka, did Agravaine love Morgana, were Sefa and Merlin a couple before season five? etc...). This is a concluded fact that was confirmed a long while back.

      If I may quote (possibly misquote, since this is from memory) Kilgharrah: "There is no right or wrong, there's only what is and what will be."

      It IS Freya's arm, and still WILL BE the next time someone brings this 'topic' up. LOL.

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    • It was Freya's character, but the producers confirmed (in an interview or commentary or something) it was a male stunt guy doing it.

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    • LOL, why stop at Elyan? Let's say it was DAEGAL!

      Sure, he wasn't in Avalon, but neither was ARTHUR at this point, so whatever. LOL.

      Why stop there, even? Let's say it was UTHER. Hee hee.

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    • Adelina, the hand belonged to Hengist! If you look closely at the end of Lancelot and Guinevere you can see that he transported into Avalon and became the living dead, like Freya and Lancelot.

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    • Hengist? Bah! It's not Hengist. The arm is OBVIOUSLY Will from The Moment of Truth! Freya felt so bad about all of Merlin's friends dying (including herself) that she transported Will's spirit to Avalon ASAP after she became the Lady of the Lake. Sadly, she forgot that Merlin had RUN OUT of Avalon water and the fisher king was dead and thus could not give him any more. So, to make up for the fact that he didn't get to see his friend again, because she hogged the scrying super magic puddle Avalon-style skype in The Coming of Arthur, she allowed Will to be the one to take back the sword!    

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    • LOL :D

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    • Avalon style Skype xD

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    • It was Freya because she told Merlin that she would deliver him the sword. So it was her hand.

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    • I would love to believe that it was my beloved Lancelot because, Lancelot was worthy of the sword, he was now officially dead and because I love him. I think it was him, considering the hand looked like a man's but if it weren't so, I'd think it was Freya.

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