• I am a big fan of this Merlin and I have always waited so much to see it. But ending of Season 5 made me so sad and disappointed. Didn't seem like Author and Merlin achieved anything. Magic was still out-law. The story was doing so friendly and feeling of a real happening in a nice way. Then it just ended like it was a dream or legend that will never come true. Even though it may be real fact, the producers didn't need to make such as sad ending. 

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    • You got that right.  And Arthur did not even get to see Guinevere again either I man what was up wth that??

      There was so much that was wrong with the ending of this season.

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    • I just began watching the entire series of Merlin about 2 weeks ago, and today got through the final episode...needless to say, I am very depressed now.

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    • I for one found the ending tombe very good, Merlin got to tell Arthur everything and was rewarded by acceptance from his friend, which is really all he wanted. Magic was not outlawed it is simply disappearing.

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    • A Lurker in the Woods
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