• In case you are still interested in discussing the Merlin episodes - Season two starts with "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan".

    Camelot encounters a threat that only Merlin can eliminate. An ancient promise of a ruthless sorcerer comes true.

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    • this was a great episode! loved it!

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    • I agree!

      All the characters were really awesome and it had an amazing plot! There were some great moments between Merlin and :)

      I also really liked how the gargoyles came to life, it was pretty cool!

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    • I liked this episode for its additional insight into the past of the Old Religion and the ongoing battles/wars and the corruption that had taken place even centuries before Camelot was taken by Uther.

      Cornelius Sigan was unfortunately presented as a mere villain who only seeked destruction and revenge on whoever - but at least it didn't have to do with Uther since Cornelius had promised to destroy Camelot to a former king of Camelot. His returned soul was only full of rage and revenge, so the character itself wasn't very interesting. Yet it proved that Uther obviously wasn't the first one who had a problem with magic. The former king (or one former king) of Camelot must have given Cornelius a reason to swear to destroy Camelot one day. Moreover, Cornelius proved the corruption of such magical power when he found a way to store his soul in the jewel  because he was afraid of losing his power and wealth and also wanted to return to destroy the kingdom.

      However, Cedric was a little more interesting, even if quite annoying.  Him harrassing and tricking Merlin was a good example of bullying someone when others only believed their sneaky and cheating tricks. Poor Merlin was busy to expose Cedric and later to stop Cornelius.

      Arthur was annoying too. He either was Merlin's friend or not. If he was, he wouldn't have believed such a bootlicker like Cedric. It seems that Arthur was flattered by the compliments and the total submission of this young man. As Merlin's friend and as prince he should have realised what was really going on.

      Another annoying thing was Arthur's stubborness when he (again) disobeyed Uther's orders and went out to face undefeatable creatures. While it was right to try to help those who were exposed to the gargoyles he simply ignored the very fact that he stood no chance against them and risked his life by running straight into his certain doom, if it hadn't been for Merlin who once again saved the day.

      I liked Uther's concern and despair about Arthur who was still out there, and while I at first wondered why he let the knight hold him back, I later saw that Uther realised that when he goes outside, Camelot will be without a prince and a king. Nevertheless, as a parent I wouldn't have allowed anyone to hold me back, so I would have liked to see him trying to help Arthur which was indeed his first impuls.

      I wonder why no-one overheard Merlin and Cornelius talking outside since they actually shouted at each other.

      And Uther telling Gaius that he had grown complacent and that this event proved one again that magic must be eradicated contributed to the fact that everytime a sorcerer/magic-user encountered Camelot, Uther had no reason to think that magic wasn't evil and destructive since he never saw magic (Merlin or Gaius) helping the kingdom or people. From his point of view, it totally made sense. But Gaius' facial expression spoke volumes too.

      All in all a good episode with some humorous scenes (not talking about the clotpole).

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    • Woot woot! Series 2 has started! I definitely think this was a fantastic episode, it provided us with a great tension and gave us a good insight on Uther, Arthur, Morgana, Merlin, Kilgharrah etc.

      But personally, I do not think this should have been the premiere of the season, because to me, aside from Kilgharrah asking to be set free, that it was mainly a filler episode.

      In-fact, back in 2009 I was actually hoping Nimueh would make a brief appearance in the opening episode of Series 2 but perish again instantly. Because I would have been delighted to hear more info on the Uther/Ygraine saga.

      But other than that, it was a terrific episode!

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    • When Arthur casts Merlin aside, and then comes back in the end as if nothing happened was disgusting!!!!

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    • >i dont think it's disgusting at all... yeah arthur treats merlin quite badly, but i think he doesnt really know other way, he cant just show his feelings and apologize and admit that he was wrong, even though i know he knows it. the ending was quite mean, but disgusting, no, at least not in my opinion.

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    • I didn't find it disgusting either, only annoying. Even though I think it was a good lesson about the consequences of bullying someone I would have preferred Arthur to question Cedric's motivation some more.

      There was a similar situation when Edward bullied Gaius and Uther fell for it, which annoyed me too, yet it was a different situation. Uther had to decide who was a better physician, especially since Morgana had almost died and the well-being of the royal household was most important. In "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan" it only was about a new servant who seemed to be working better than Merlin and who pampered Arthur, so in my opinion, this wasn't appropriate for the Once and Future King.... Arthur should have read between the lines and should have given Merlin more credit.


      "But personally, I do not think this should have been the premiere of the season, because to me, aside from Kilgharrah asking to be set free, that it was mainly a filler episode.

      In-fact, back in 2009 I was actually hoping Nimueh would make a brief appearance in the opening episode of Series 2 but perish again instantly. Because I would have been delighted to hear more info on the Uther/Ygraine saga."

       I agree on all points.  Though I didn't expect Nimueh to come back.. Nevertheless, I would have liked to see her again and to see more about the Uther/Igraine/Arthur - story.

      I forgot something: finally we saw some kind of a lazaret or sickbay. This was about time :-) A kingdom like Camelot should actually have more physicians than just one, by the way.

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    • "Camelot should actually have more physicians than just one"

      I agree, Gaius is quite the multi-tasker!

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    • I think gaius caters mainly to the royal household and the central region of the castle, we hardly see him going far outside the castle and market surrounding it, so I suppose  He was the main established one in that zone; while rest of camelot, the parts outside the main castle also had lesser skilled physicians to cater to their need.

      I don't think there were too many physicians lyin around those days, infact any sort of man of letter. And the few that were there were almost always courted and patronized by the rulers and therefore could be found in capital city/ near the castle.

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    • I agree this episode was fantastic. :D

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    • One interesting thing about this episode is that Cedric's efforts to show Merlin up highlighted that, by the standards of royal servants, Merlin is likely to be considered quite lacking. Arthur has no trouble believing that Merlin screwed up saddling his horse, a task he presumably performs on a daily basis, or that he'd fall asleep while mucking out the horses. The breakfast Merlin brings Arthur is very basic, and I suspect that the spread Cedric prepared is closer to the norm for a meal for a royal. I can't imagine many servants to kings or princes could hope to keep their job after calling their master a "clot pole".

      Granted, Arthur can hardly complain about Merlin's service if he brings him along on his hunts, patrols, etc, when the presence of a servant is hardly necessary, and said servant has plenty of work to occupy him back in the palace. Without magic, Merlin probably wouldn't have time to do half his chores.

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    • Hmm interesting posts here, now for the downer: 

      I hate this episode lol, I find it pretty boring, and I really want to hit Cedric and Arthur throughout most of it, but I do find Gaius funny, and Morgana and Gwen are interesting, despite having minor roles- I can identify with Merlin too

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    • A Lurker in the Woods
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