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December 27, 2011
  • I live in America
  • My occupation is full time Christian/writing
  • I am half human, half mermaid

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Hi <insert name here>, just letting you know my real name is not Emily Windsnap. Welcome to my page!  


Favourite charactersEdit

In comments on blogs I appreciate:

  • honesty
  • when people aren't overly sensitive
  • when people stay on track
  • grace
  • patience

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I am a huge fan of the TV shows Merlin, Robin Hood, and Doctor Who. As far as movies go, I love Star Wars, POTC, Lord of the Rings, and anything by Marvel. And I love almost any book I can get my hands on! Please feel free to vote on my polls and leave me a message! :)

~~Emily Windsnap~~


Merlin Tribute We Have Had The Time Of Our Lives04:06

Merlin Tribute We Have Had The Time Of Our Lives

If you're upset about the Merlin ending (like me) then watch this. It's amazing.

Merlin Season 5 Bloopers Vol 1&2 HD08:54

Merlin Season 5 Bloopers Vol 1&2 HD

Merlin Arthur Friendship You've Got A Friend In Me02:07

Merlin Arthur Friendship You've Got A Friend In Me

Merlin freya-my immortal-0-1-2-304:23

Merlin freya-my immortal-0-1-2-3

I know this one is super long and sappy and depressing, but I was in the mood, ok? If this video does not make you a Merlin/Freya fan, then shame on you!

Girl-Scout Cookies01:05

Girl-Scout Cookies

Don't call me evil for thinking this is funny...

Random Quote of the MomentEdit

"Shut up.

My unusual opinionsEdit

Most of my opinions about Merlin are relatively popular...But I have a few that some may beg to differ with.

1. Lancelot. Definitely not my favourite character. I liked him because he was a good friend to Merlin, and he was crucial to the plot. I don't have anything against him, but I find his character...bland. Too perfect, dull. I wasn't really sad about his first death until I saw how sad it made my favourite characters. Haha!

2. Goblin's Gold. I have heard many negative comments about that episode on this wiki. I think it's halarious! haha! It's one of my favourite filler episodes.

3. Freya. It seems to be a common desire amongst Merlin fans to have a romance between Merlin and Morgana...that could be interesting, but I think there should be more of Freya. There are too many unanswered questions about her, and I love Freya.

4. I also think Elyan is kind of annoying...

Why I love Merlin SlideshowEdit

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