The title says it.  No one had to die.  The whole last episode of Merlin could have had a happy ending actually.  

I, as you all probably guessed if you know anything about me, seriously cried when Gwaine died.  It was completely pointless! There was no good reason for his death! Percival could have come a little earlier and the general turnout of everything would have been exactly the same.  Poor Gwaine didn't even get a funeral! All he got was a big muscly guy crying over him...ok, that's pretty amazing but still! My point stands!

Arthur's death at least made sense, but it was kind of stupid too, I mean, we didn't even see the Sidhe or Freya! Nothing made sense at all! Merlin didn't even try to call the Sidhe and bring Arthur back.  It would have made a totally epic ending if they had brought King Arthur back from the dead with magic but no, as usual the BBC had to tear our hearts out! Sorry, as you can see, I'm very very sad about this...ahem...anyways, Mordred's death was fine, I was squealing with joy when Morgana died.  Sorry Morgana fans, but once she killed Gwaine, I lost any feelings of pity for her.   

So yeah, I guess the bad guys had to die...but the good ones should have been left alone!  

Wow, this is so unlike me, I've never posted a random rant before...but that's exactly what I'm doing....I'm so disappointed in the writers...I trusted them....

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