River spirit
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Biographical Information
Race: Spirit
Gender: Female
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Affiliation: Merlin
Sir Lancelot
Enemies: Dorocha
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Sarah Beck Mather
List of Appearances: The Darkest Hour: Part Two
We are Vilia, spirits of the brooks and streams. The tear in the veil has upset the balance of the world. Good spirits as well as bad roam freely. But this perilous state cannot continue for long.
Vilia to Lancelot[src]
The Vilia are water spirits of the brooks and streams. They appear to be benevolent in nature and have healing powers.


When the Veil between the worlds was torn by Morgana, the balance of the world was upset, and good spirits as well as bad roamed freely. A group of Vilia appeared to Lancelot at a river while he was trying to find a place to shelter him and Merlin from the Dorocha's attacks. They took the form of water bubbles floating in the air, and one of them informed the knight that his and Merlin's help would be needed at the Isle of the Blessed. They magically healed Merlin and promised Lancelot they would protect the two from the Dorocha during the night. They created a sphere of light that surrounded the stream (The Darkest Hour).


As water spirits, the Vilia command different attributes of the water element. They were able to appear from water bubbles and easily heal Merlin, who was seriously injured from a Dorocha's touch. It can be assumed that they can also predict the future, like Kilgharrah and The Cailleach, because they knew how Merlin and Lancelot would help in the repairing of the Veil.


Vilias are based on Vilas (sometime spelled Vilias, Velas, Villas, Veelas or Veellas), the fairies of Slavic mythology, winged counterparts to Greek nymphs, usually connected with water, although their appearance is different; they have pale skin, red lips, blonde but sometime black hair, brown but usually silver-blue eyes, giant wings with veil named pokrilje (from verb pokriti, meaning cover), dressed in green, white or blue dresses or naked with only their hair covering their bodies.