A warlock or sorcerer is a man with the power to enact change by magical means of "sorcery". Magical creatures with magic, like Kilgharrah, are not considered warlocks as they are not human.

Known Warlocks

Warlock Status Known For Photo
Merlin Alive
  • King Arthur's manservant, secret protector, future advisor and best friend
  • Balinor's son
  • Last Dragonlord
  • Most powerful sorcerer to ever live
  • Being Morgana's doom
  • Gaius' ward/adoptive son/former apprentice
  • Dragoon the Great
  • Dolma
  • Emrys
Ghost Boy
Ghost boy
Gaius Alive
  • Merlin's guardian/ adoptive father/mentor
  • Camelot's Court Physician
  • Friend of Hunith
Edwin Muirden
Edwin profile
Gilli Alive
  • Friend of Merlin
  • Kin of Merlin
Druids Alive
  • Allies of Merlin
Druid Boy
  • Child killed on Arthur's orders when he was young
  • Possessed Elyan to kill Arthur
250px-Shrine Boyy
  • Former ally of the Druids
  • Former ally of Camelot
  • Ally of Morgana
  • Enemy of Merlin and of Camelot
  • Prophesied to kill King Arthur
Mordred Series 5 Promo
Taliesin Unknown


Alvarr Alive
Anhora Alive
  • Keeper of the Unicorns
  • Powerful sorcerer
Anhora 4


  • In some texts, the word "warlock" translates to "truth-twister", though this is widely unknown due the modern usage of the word in works like Harry Potter, (there are many others besides) and it clearly does not apply to Merlin either.
  • There are multiple interpretations of "warlock" in fiction, however in this case the difference between "warlock"/"witch" and "sorcerer" is the first are born with the ability while the second acquires the ability through study.
  • Kilgharrah is not a sorcerer as he is not human

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